Stakeholder Planning Meeting


Monday 25 June 2012
1 to 5 pm
UHMC, Ka Lama 107


Doors open from 12:30 pm for registration and refreshments by "Maui Cakes"

1:00 - 1:45 pm      Vision, Goals, Approach

Byron Washom, UCSD, Moderator

The focus of our implementation plan should be how to increase the number of EVs on island with a prioritization on the tourism industry and rental car fleets, while concurrently building EV charging infrastructure to support tourist industry which will then serve the needs of the general public.

1:45 pm                Transition to breakout rooms: all rooms in Kalama building

2:00 - 3:15 pm      Breakout Working Group Sessions

How can each working group help to contribute to address this plan? Please provide 3 answers per bullet below. Prioritize answers in order of timeline to implementation: short term; medium term; long term. Prioritize answers in order of ease of implementation: easiest to hardest.

Address working group task list: what is outstanding and who will volunteer see Sample Plan Outstanding Tasks (PDF)

Working Group






Ka Lama 107

Doug McLeod;
Chris Reynolds

Stuart Zinner


Ka Lama 104B

Mike Morris;
Michael Snyder

Margaret Larson

Visitor Industry

Ka Lama 109

Carol Reimann;
Ipo Mossman

Byron Washom

Residents & Local Businesses

Ka Lama 204

David Fisher;
Charmaine Tavares

Anne Ku


Ka Lama 209

Andy Carson;
Mark Ausbeck

June Chee


3:15- 3:45 pm                         Coffee break with “Maui Cakes” Ka Lama 107  

3:45- 4:45 pm                         Working groups report results

Where we stand and where we need to go- Margaret Larson

  ***** Japanese Smart Grid Project: EV driver/owner volunteer recruitment (Power Point Presentation)

5:00 pm                        Close & announcements - Anne Ku

Save the Dates:

13 – 15 August 2012 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit, Honolulu

23 September 2012 National Plug-In Day

27 – 30 September 2012 Maui County Fair & EV Parade